Monday, 19 July 2010

I can't believe it's been so long...

...since I last posted. No excuse really, just life getting in the way. I've been busy job hunting to no avail hopefully something will come up soon. It doesn't seem possible that I have been out of work for 2 years, yes I've been to a good number of interviews, but there is always someone who seems to have the edge on my experience, qualifications, knowledge, or a combination of all 3 or other reasons why I haven't been successful. Oh well never say die, keep at it surely something will turn up soon, here's hoping. 

I'm often asked what have I been doing with my time whilst I've been out of work, apart from the obvious answer, looking for a job, I try to explain that apart from running my home, shopping, cleaning, washing, ironing etc. I have kept my self occupied with maintaining the garden, I have created a small area to grow veg, peas, beans (runner & broad) potatoes, beetroot, cauliflowers (the caterpillars love them) tomatoes (which I don't eat, but Kaity does)  I have also grown a thorn-less black currant bush which is just starting to fruit. The gooseberry bush had a lot of fruit this year, the cherry tree has done too bad considering the poor weather at the beginning of the year. 

However the one thing which has really kept me sane, although I do have an occasional loss of mojo, is my crafting, especially scrapbooking using the sketches from Inspired Blueprints. Here are my latest layouts. 

Sketch 50

Sketch 51

Also I have come across Following The Paper Trail which produces stunning mini-projects, which are recorded on U-Stream and You-Tube, check out her site it has some amazing work. I will upload the 2 books My Guy & Special Delivery which I have made shortly. The Special Delivery won't be completed until Esther has the baby, when I can start taking lots of photos, as the baby isn't due until September I will have to be patient. 

I also think my 'obsession' with crafting has had an influence on Kaity as whenever she comes to see me, she goes straight into the conservatory picks up her tote bag (oh yes my old one) and sits quite happily crafting just like her Granny, I think she has been brain-washed. Also she has picked up alot about bee-keeping from John as she informed me the other day, that the bee in the flower was getting nectar, when I asked what does the bee do with it, she promptly replied "makes honey of course" on that note I will say bye for now. 

Thanks for looking in I look forward to your comments and I promise I will make sure I update a little more frequently.

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Rhonda Emery said...

your blog is great. I became a follower.