Tuesday, 10 August 2010

One day at a Time

What's new, nothing on the job front yet, to be honest I'm getting tired of looking, completing application forms, attending interviews and gearing myself up, to be told sorry you've interviewed very well, have a lot of experience, however... and this is the bit I find frustrating there is always someone who appears to have that extra bit that the employer is looking for.  I  need to get back into work, I need the money as I have eaten into all my savings and feel as though I am just existing one day at a time. I'm finding that I only go out if I really need to, and if I have an appointment at the Job centre try to do everything that day, mainly to save petrol and parking costs. 

This month has also been an expensive one, first the car tax (Brad and Esther very kindly paid that for me), then the insurance, and to add insult to injury I clipped the kerb on the way back from another unsuccessful interview, lost the wheel trim and took a couple of chunks out of the tyre, I was so angry with myself that I cried, but again my amazing family stepped in and helped out, what would I do with out them.  Yesterday I had my eyes tested I knew that I would have to have new glasses and tried to budget accordingly, but was shocked when the optician told me that they would cost over £300, that was with the BOGOF offer as well, the catch, I need varifocals and yes, the second pair are free except you have to pay for the ultra thin and reaction lenses (which I find easier) I know that I get some help as I'm out of work,  so I decided to be sensible and settled for 1 pair the total cost £104 I also get HSA which means I only have to pay £50, a bit of a saving there eh?

Anyway enough moaning. I'm really looking forward to having Kaity when Esther goes in to have the baby in about 2 weeks time, so everything is getting ready to welcome her into our family. There's nothing like a baby to bring hope into our lives and put all our problems on the back burner. Kaity was a blessing coming when she did just after losing Mum, and I know that her little sister will do just the same. 

I have been busy with some more layouts for Inspired Blueprints 

I've also been busy working on a project from Following the Paper Trail which I will post when it is completed.

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