Friday, 4 June 2010

Yet another layout

added to my blog. This time Inspired Blueprints not only put up a sketch to inspire, but set a challenge that the layout was about you (me in that case) so here is my interpretation of sketch 49 (check out their site to see other sketches to tempt you).

I can't believe that it is a week ago that I had Kaity staying with me. From Thursday night to Sunday Morning  I had the pleasure of being entertained by my lovely grand-daughter, (and being woken up early) She has a little clock (pink of course) and was told you can come into Granny when the clock says six oh oh, the first night she woke up and came into my bed at about 2am, and stayed there all night, Friday night she crept in at 5:30am, not too bad, Saturday a little voice whispered into my ear "Granny my clocks not working I've been waiting for it to go to six oh oh, but it won't," The time was 5:45, she had been awake for quit awhile until she got bored and wanted a Granny cuddle. When I asked her if she knew what time the clock said she replied  "Granny I can't tell the time yet". I give up! lol. 

I love having her to stay, she really is good with Brandy (for those who don't know he is my Turkish Van cat and an indoor cat to boot), very moody with me.. Kaity... can do what she likes with him, this picture was taken last October. She talks to him, gets him his toys, reads to him, helps me to feed him, they really have a good relationship it's lovely to see.
My friend John (the beeman) and myself took Kaity out for the day on Friday. I try to take a picture of Kaity every month so that I can do a scrapbook layout of her throughout the year, so far this has worked, my problem is choosing which pictures to use. 

Here is a small selection of the ones I took.

and so to bed...


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