Sunday, 20 September 2009

Not sure where the time has gone

I can't believe that its been nearly a month since I last updated. It has been a very strange time as I'm back looking for work, as the job I had, withdrew their offer of employment at the last minute apparently due to a lack of funding. The short notice was due to people being on holiday and the lack of communication, although this does not help me at all. Never mind I expect something will turn up soon here's hoping!

This week for some reason my computer decided to lose all my photos which I had stored although I had managed to retrieve some of them as 'thumbs' (which means I can't resize them for scrapbooking) it has also lost some files. The ones it did find, came through in such a mess and with strange reference numbers that I spent over 4 hours trying to sort them out. Fortunately I have a programme called Photo Recovery installed which retrieves pictures from camera cards etc (even if the pictures have been deleted) This managed to recover over 200 and this time at the correct resolution for resizing. Perhaps I need to investigate a way of backing them up any sugestions will be helpful.

Now with extra time on my hands I have managed to produce some layouts even though my heart hasn't really been in scraping mode, I have tried to force myself to keep occupied. Here are my latest layouts.

The first layout is my take on sketch 29 for
Inspired Blueprints

The second layout uses some of the Jilly Bean papers from Oyster Stamps

The final layout uses papers that I bought ages ago as I wanted to work away from feminine colours with out making the layout to boyish. I think it worked.
I hope you like them.

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