Saturday, 26 September 2009

Cant' believe its Saturday already

Where do the days go? Even though I'm not working the week just seems to fly by and I don't feel that I have achieved much, although the bungalow is sparkling with the nice clean windows, its a pity that they still seem a bit smeary when the sun shines.

My computer has had a clean out this week Brad reformatted and repartitioned the drives, it does seem to working a lot better now, although I have had to set up all my favourites and sort out passwords etc. The strange thing is I remember before I had a computer and managed very well with out, now if it crashes or has a problem it's like having  my right arm cut off, I'm devistated. Oh well I supose it's called progress.

Off to Whistable today to do a scrapbooking class then onto to spend the £10 voucher I won a few months ago. Tomorrow I might go to Ally Pally just for a day out, can't afford to spend much and do I really need more craft stash? I don't think so.

Here is my latest contribution to Sketch 30 from check their site out some really great stuff there. I decided to make my layout interactive. The sketch called for 6 photos 4x4 as I didn't want to crop my pics or re-size them I decided to make them lift up. I think it's worked, Anyway I'm pleased with the result. Hope you like it too.

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