Sunday, 31 October 2010

Strange Week

Its been a strange week. Brad, Esther & the children had been away for the half term holiday, and as usual I always miss them so much, so I've had to keep myself occupied.

On Monday I had a phone call from BHS asking me to attend an interview for a Christmas temp on Tuesday, so  suited and booted I went (another interview... I've had so many...) The interview went well (as usual I'm very experienced in them by now) and was told we'll let you know.

On Wednesday afternoon I had a call asking me to attend an interview for a job at the prison on the 5th Nov now this has come completely out of the blue, its an education post I can't remember applying for, but the strange thing is I also had a call on Monday about a similar post at another prison, (although this one was casual) so I declined, then I felt guilty as maybe I shot myself in the foot, as I know I need to get back into work

Thursday lunchtime I got another call again from the prison asking me to attend another interview on the 9th Nov (I have agreed to attend both). Then Thursday afternoon I had a call from BHS telling me that I have got the temp job with them and I start on the 8th Nov. Its such a relief after being out of work for 2 years. The strangest thing is the way in which the prison jobs have come to light. Hopefully and I'm now getting my head around this it may be where I'm meant to be. But whatever happens I have a last got my foot back on the employment ladder.

Anyway before all this kicked off I managed to complete another layout for Inspired Blueprints

Hope you like it.

As for today, I'm going to Church with Brad, Esther Kaity & Charis and back to them for lunch to celebrate Esther's birthday, along with her Mum & Dad, so a nice family gathering to finish off the week.

 Just one more thing to say really,  Happy Birthday Esther, I love you. xxx

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Kerry said...

Wonderful layout, I love the photo of the rooster. Thanks for following my blog and good luck with your interviews.