Sunday, 9 August 2009

For a change

I decided to incorporate 2 photos of Brandy, my Turkish Van for my take on sketch 27 for Inspired Blueprints. as seen in my first picture. The small square in the bottom left hand corner is in fact a duplicate fridge magnet, which I used as a cover for a mini-book which contains my journalling.

He is most definitely a cat with attitude, he hates being groomed and at times can suddenly come up to me and give me a nip on my foot or arm. Having said that, he adores Kaity. The first thing she asks when coming to visit or when she wakes up after staying with me overnight is 'Where's Brandycat Granny?' She will not play with her toys until she has found him. When she does it's a quick stroke and a kiss and he lets her, when he's had enough he just walks away or sits on his scratching post out of reach. The second layout which I did last year shows that special bond and in fact hangs on the door of the room Kaity sleeps in when she stays with me.

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