Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Busy few weeks

It seems that this summer is whizzing by. I can't believe that we are towards the last couple of weeks of July already. Its been a busy week as last Tuesday I had another job interview, this time with success. I start work on the 1st September and after 12 months of not working due to redundancy, I'm finding it difficult to accept that my days at home are coming to a close. So I need to make sure that all my crafting projects are up to date as well as the washing, ironing etc. I have enjoyed the break even though it has been a strange year.

The first few months were ok. but following a misunderstanding from a local craft shop where I had been going to classes and crops since they first opened 4 years ago (not counting what I spent in the shop itself or help I gave) I was asked not to attend anymore. At first I was devastated but in some strange way it has done me a favour. I have linked into a number of challenges, and applied to go onto a few design teams as well as finding other shops and classes to go to. I have remained friends with a number of people I met during my time there. I realise that if I hadn't started going to them I wouldn't have found and developed my creative niche. Recently I was asked to help teach scrapbooking at a charity event and there is also a possibility of teaching altered art on a regular basis. It does seem a pity though that the more successful people become the more they tend to hurt others in order to achieve their own goals.

On a positive note I have managed to be on hand to look after my Grandaughter, either due to her or her Mummy being poorly or just to give Brad and Esther a chance to have time to themselves, mainly for the odd weekend but recently I had Kaity for a whole week while they went to Scotland. I have also managed to get the garden under control, plus complete all the decorating. I have also met with friends regularly for coffee, shopping and a good old gossip.

Now for my pictures, the first is a double layout I have completed for Inspired Blueprints
sketch challenge 26.

I have really enjoyed taking part in these and now they have a new design team it will be interesting to see what they have in store next.

The second layout is one that I completed at Pickleberry Papercrafts this one is definately out of my comfort zone as I'm not a fan of white space, having said that I feel that this does lend itself to enhancing this picture of Kaity with my friend John and shows the closeness that they have.

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ANAT S said...

the double layout is great
love the flags and the net