Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Oh well

Christmas celebration may be over but preparation for the New Year is now taking place. This year I cooked the Christmas dinner and I decided to put the table and chairs into the conservatory to free up space in the living room, I think it worked quite well.
Charis was a little overwhelmed by it all and fell asleep having her dinner, Brad put her into bed where she slept for an hour or so, and woke up just in time for the present unwrapping

Kaity helping Daddy unwrapping his traditional Christmas present..Fred Bassett book and calendar which he has been collecting since he was about 5 years of age.

 Kaity surrounded by wrapping paper and this is what she found in one of her presents....

 A Fairy castle which I made using instructions purchased from Following the Paper trail. As you can see the drawbridge drops down and inside is a mini album which hold lots of pictures & journalling. The book isn't finished as I thought Kaity and I can do it together.

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