Friday, 12 August 2011

An eventful 2 weeks

First of all last week Brandycat appeared unwell. At first I thought it was due to the warm weather, but I had this feeling he needed to go to the Vet.  I packed him into his basket (without a fuss from him unusual) so I knew he wasn't right. 
The first thing the Vet did was to weigh him, (he had lost weight but I'd been putting it down to old age) Mr Vet decided to put Brandycat under tests to check everything out, I thought it may be something terminal but he didn't think it was. I left Brandy there and collected him 5 hours later...Total cost £166... all the test taken had proved ok (although he did have an infection and he was given antibiotics to treat that) apart from the thyroid results that they were waiting for which wouldn't be available until the following day. So the following day I telephoned.. and yes his thyroid is the problem, he needed tablets which will be another £20.. and another blood test in 3 weeks at a cost of £58. Brandy does seem better but the cost of the bills are really expensive I can't have him insured as he is too old...also he was a rescue which I inherited from Mum and although we did have an insurance when Mum first took him on I wasn't able to claim because it was in her name so I didn't renew it more fool me. 

Then this week it was my turn...I'd lost a couple of fillings a while a go and put off going to the dentist although occasionally they have given me pain I managed to deal with it...apart from this week when one of the had developed an abscess... I tried the usual pain killers and mouth wash but it wasn't having any of it. In the end I rang the Doctor and asked for some antibiotics but they told me to go to my Dentist, now I haven't been to one for 6 years and wasn't sure if I was still registered but yes I was still on their books. They fitted me in and said oo that's nasty I'll give you some antibiotics for that and xray to see what is going on. She then sent me to the hospital to have a bigger xray taken and when I returned with the xray disc she told me I have alot of decay on the roots of a few of my teeth and will refer me back to the hospital as the one giving me trouble is very near a nerve and if it's removed could cause numbness of that side of my face..nice. Now all I've got to do is wait for an appointment. Anyway to take my mind off of all this I managed to scrap a sketch for Inspired Blueprints hope you like it

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