Thursday, 22 April 2010

Another heritage layout

I have been researching my maternal family history, with a little help from my second cousin Terry in Australia. (His Mum is my Great Aunt Rose who celebrated her 100th birthday this month she was my Nanny's sister). I decided to research my maternal grandfathers family as a result of Terry's findings. I also felt that I should track my Dad's side and thereby build up a bigger picture.

My Dad died when I was 9 and we lost touch with my Grandmother and my Uncle and Aunts. Going through my photos I discovered I had some of his father and it is one of these that I have used as the subject of this layout. However there is a bit of a mystery surrounding this picture. On the reverse is written 'Calcutta Sept 1944' not sure what it relates to as I was told that he was a Chief Petty Officer in the navy (Royal or Merchant I'm not sure) Grandad is the one sitting I don't know who the other two are. I hope that this layout does them justice.

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