Friday, 26 February 2010

It's been a long Winter

Spring is very nearly here. I'm not sorry to see January and February going I look forward to March where everything begins to wake up the birds and plants oh and the weeds. I can't wait to get out into the garden and start tidying,  I must admit I am a fine weather gardener and things outside to tend to get left when it is cold and wet. Although having more time indoors has given me the opportunity to scrap finding the motivation is difficult, which is why I enjoy taking part in the sketch challenges from  Inspired Blueprints

I've just completed sketch 42 show casing  more photos from weddings in December. It is rare to get Brad,Esther and Kaity all together as Brad is the one most often behind the camera.

My challenge to myself is to make sure that I take a selection of photos each month, that way I can pick out the ones I want to use for my layouts. The only problem with it is the fact I still have boxes of old photos to scan and use I will get around to making use of them a some point. But for now I will contine to use the ones I have uploaded onto the computer and print off as when. Perhaps I will use some on tn the next challenge.

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