Thursday, 31 December 2009

Final sketches of 2009

I have completed the last two sketches of 2009 from inspiredblueprints  I  have really enjoyed taking part in the monthly challenges and will continue to do them in 2010.

I hope you like them and I thankyou for your comments.

Its been a very strange year this year with a lot of highs and lows, hopefully 2010 will be the turning point for me. I have learned alot of lessons during 2009 and I hope that I can become a stronger person decause of them.

I am fortunate that my Son and Daughter-in- Love and her family are always there when I need them and have been very supportive to me throughout this year and have blessed me with a darling Granddaughter who has given me so much joy over the past year and is developing into the most adorable little girl any Granny can wish for: She is such a little treasure. I have also been luckily enough to have 3 very close friends who have stood by me when things have become tough, equally I hope I have returned the support to them when they have needed it.

To all visitors to my blog, I wish everyone a happy, peacful and prosperous New Year.

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