Thursday, 5 March 2009

Completed project

Undertaking a project has helped me this week as I have been feeling very low due to the actions of some people . While I can fully understand that we are not obliged to get on with everyone we meet, surely tolerance and a quite word face to face is more beneficial than drastic actions. However I have come to realise that there always comes a time to move on and start a new chapter, especially with those who have proved to be true friends.

After going through all my stash in an effort to tidy up, I came across a number of unfinished projects. The Bo Bunny Beach book being one of them. I like the colours as they are so nice and bright and I was looking for suitable pictures, the only ones that I could find which related to the topic were ones taken last summer of my Grand-daughter in her bright pink swim suit, but hey they worked. I also incorporated others photos taken on separate occasions during last year.


Pam said...

I love the beach book-it's so colurful!

janb said...

This is lovely Sue.