Tuesday, 6 January 2009

That's it for another year

I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas and Happy New Year. I spent a really lovely time with Brad, Esther and Kaity and all the family, I also enjoyed having Kaity on Friday night up until Saturday lunchtime, she is such a cutey!

The decorations are down and put away. My bedroom has been decorated at last, only the small room and utility room to go, oh and possibly the conservatory, then it will be time to tackle the garden again. In addition to which, I must start job hunting. Although I have enjoyed being home, I do miss the routine of work, and of course the company and the banter that goes with working.

I value the friendships I have with Jan, Jill and John and look forward to doing some exciting things with them all, as well as with Chris who helped install my new Cricut Expression machine just before Christmas. Also I have met with Sue another crafter who I came across on FSUK fellowship and Iwill be attending the craft session she has arranged at the end of the month. Sue will also becoming with me to the Scrapbook Sisters crop in February. I have only booked one session with them this month as I have got to watch the pennies, so I will have to be alot more selective regarding craft classes, and stash purchases. I have also registered with their forum, just to keep in touch with what is happening.

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