Monday, 1 September 2008

I was a little late

HO hum, there I was thinking I was organised, how wrong can you be. I'm taking part in the UK Art Raffle, I received an e-mail last week reminding me of the deadline, so there I was last week working on my piece and getting it finished in readiness to post thinking that I will make certain that it won't get damaged. So off I trot to get a small padded envelope from the local shop, when I get home my art piece fits nicely in the envelope, I double check the address and instructions-just to make sure I have it all correct, I promptly pop on a stamp and post it 2 days before the deadline. However on checking the UK Art Raffle I discover that it hasn't arrived, disappointed or what. But never mind if it does arrive it will be included in this months raffle. At least I took some photos of it to share with you.


Sarah said...

hi Sue. It came today - unfortunately it didn't have enough postage on it, which was why it was delayed I guess.
You had only put a standard 1st class stamp on which is just for very flat items - you needed a "large letter" stamp on this.
It's absolutely gorgeous, by the way - and is entered in the September raffle.

Pam said...

Oh my Sue, these peices are just gorgeous, particularly the coffee house-just stunning!!